Even though it's just been 4 days into the start of the new month, it's already been pretty eventful for the Atlanta-native rapper, Lil Nas X. After officially coming out as gay at the end of pride month, as well as having his iconic, Billy Ray Cyrus assisted hit - which we've all heard one too many times by now - "Old Town Road" go Diamond, it seems that there's really no stopping the 20 year-old star. 

Now, it seems as though Lil Nas has also ventured into the culinary world, having reached out to MasterChef host, Gordon Ramsay, while he was in the UK for a performance at Glastonbury. The journey of how the two ended up linking up is all displayed on Lil Nas' twitter, where he kicked things off by asking the celebrated chef if he would "teach [him] how to make paninis while [he's] still london." Ramsay swiftly replied to the tweet, simply saying "name the day..."

After that, Lil Nas decided to up the mystery, and took to Twitter once more to tease his followers about a certain panini collab, saying "y’all not gone believe who finna hop on panini." The two eventually met up and cooked up some pretty tasty-looking grilled sandwiches in honor of the rapper's recent single "Panini." - a witty take on a collab. Though he's known to be bad-tempered and crabby (at best), Gordon Ramsay was all smiles as he posed with Lil Nas and their hot creation.