Gordon Hayward is currently in the NBA bubble with the Boston Celtics, where the team is looking to secure a spot in the NBA Finals. As it stands, they are down 3-1 to the Miami Heat, although Hayward has been able to provide his team with a spark since returning to the lineup. Hayward's time in the bubble has been filled with at least some form of stress as his wife Robyn was expected to give birth this week. On Wednesday, that is exactly what she did as they welcomed their fourth child into the world.

Immediately after giving birth, Robyn took to her Instagram account to show that their newborn was wearing their father's jersey. In fact, the back of the shirt said: "Baby G" with the G standing for, you guessed it, Gordon.

“Our little man is finally here! This is Theo, Gordon Theodore Hayward,” Robyn wrote. “If you ask @gordonhayward his name is GT, but if you ask me and the girls his name is Theo. I miss you bunches @gordonhayward and can’t wait for you to meet him. We’re ready to watch you tonight!”

Despite the cute photo, Robyn was heavily criticized on social media for these pictures, as many noted that it is dangerous to put a newborn on their stomach, with their face in the pillow. Of course, social media can be an overly critical place, so the outrage isn't surprising.

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