Well this is a terrible way to tip off the 2017 NBA season. On Tuesday night’s season opener on TNT, the Cleveland Cavaliers hosted the Boston Celtics in a match up featuring the return of Kyrie Irving to his old city & team. However Kyrie wasn’t the only one playing in a new jersey, fellow teammate Gordon Hayward was also making his Celtic debut after being traded in the offseason from the Utah Jazz, but unfortunately Gordon’s debut & now season already looks to be over.

During the first quarter of the game, Gordon suffered a gruesome injury to his leg, presumed to be instantly broken. After going up for a lob Gordon landed awkwardly on the ground and his foot turned a complete 180. “Hayward has broken his leg,” legendary announcer Marv Alberts uttered on the TNT broadcast.

The injury drew the game to a halt as the players & crowd stood around stunned in silence. Players locked arms and kneeled on the floor to pray for Hayward. He was eventually carted off the floor with his leg in an air cast, but not before Lebron James rushed by his side to give him some encouraging words. Fans of course should class and gave Hayward a standing ovation after he departed the floor.

While nothing has been officially confirmed just yet as he’s currently under medical tests, it’s unlikely he’ll be back to play anytime this season, which sucks because the Celtics were looking dangerous in the East with him in the lineup.

The 27-year-old Boston forward is coming off the first All-Star season of his career, averaging 21.9 points, 5.4 rebounds and 3.5 assists a game in a breakout year. He signed with Boston this offseason to play for his college coach, Brad Stevens, after seven seasons with the Utah Jazz.

We’ll keep you posted on an updates moving forward. In the meantime, check out the gruesome highlight and reactions to the injury (below).

Warning: Some people might find the injury tough to watch, so proceed (below) with caution if you’re on of them.