In just a few days, the nation will embark on an annual celebration known as Black History Month that showcases the power, perseverance and contributions overall that African American people have put forward. While it technically runs solely throughout the entire duration of February, Google decided to get an early start during the GRAMMYs this past Sunday (January 26) that had Black people everywhere applauding with gratitude. 

Titled "The Most Searched," Google used their metrics to show us just how successful Black people have been throughout the Digital Era. Many iconic moments are documented in the minute-and-a-half commercial spot seen above, some that happened not too long ago. Most-searched performance ever? You already know Beyoncé's epic Coachella 2018 performance took that crown. Even something as niche as most-searched guitar solo is included, which music icon Prince nabbed rightfully during his Purple Rain era. Others included in the spot range from most-searched EGOT winner (John Legend) and female poet (Maya Angelou) to tennis player (Serena Williams), ballerina (Misty Copeland), athlete (LeBron James) and Pulitzer Prize winner (Kendrick Lamar) just to name a few. Heck, even Lil Nas X got a moment to shine for most-searched remix for his 2019 breakout hit "Old Town Road (Remix)" with Billy Ray Cyrus. Google ends the commercial by adding the caption "To the history makers and those they inspire," and we couldn't agree more. Search on, folks!

Watch Google's "The Most Searched" commercial for Black History Month above, and watch a few of the key standouts below: