Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony are the three established players in the video game console market. The Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch pretty well dominate the gaming space and no one else has really been able to break through. Now though, it seems as like one of the biggest companies on the planet might be trying to get themselves in the world of video gaming. Yes, that's right, Google. There have been rumblings for quite some time now that Google might want to eventually try their hand at a console. The company had a presence at E3 and most recently invited people to an event at the Game Developers Conference which will actually be sponsored by Google.

The latest development in Google's gaming exploits is that a patent was published for a video game controller made by Google, according to Hypebeast. According to the report, the controller is made with the intention of being paired with a console. The controller has two analog sticks and a d-pad which is fairly standard for a modern controller.