GoldLink Explains Why Music Has "Taken A Dumbass Turn"

Danny Schwartz
December 15, 2015 14:20

GoldLink is on a mission to make "undeniable music."

GoldLink has always taken a unique approach to hip hop. As much as any rapper, he challenges traditional genre boundaries with his music. He largely eschews social media and didn't reveal his face in public until the release party for his debut project The God Complex. 

In the third installment of our our interview series with GoldLink, we asked him about how his perspective on music shapes approach to making it.

"I feel like music has kind of taken a dumbass turn in a lot of fucking ways," he told us. "People start to care about shit that I don’t. Maybe I’m weird." 

"I feel like, my bigger goal is if everything just went back to the essence of the art, then I feel like honestly we’d be in a better world. I want everyone to dance again, I want everyone to have fun again, I want people to go to concerts and have people excited and not everyone being critics."

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INTERVIEWS GoldLink Explains Why Music Has "Taken A Dumbass Turn"