Back in 2017, producer Matt Martians revealed a key component of his vault: a collaboration between himself, Goldlink, Steve Lacy, and Andre 3000. At the time, Martians seemed pessimistic that the song would ever see the light of day, given the occasionally frustrating behind-the-scenes nature of the industry. Now, however, it would appear that the song - officially titled "Love 3rd"-  has finally surfaced, with relatively decent sound quality at that. As the track is a leak, we're not going to be embedding it here - should you be interested, you can check it out over at HypeBeast

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Many expected Goldlink and Andre to have solid musical chemistry, a prediction that has, for the most part, held true. Though ultimately given little time to flex, both parties sound comfortable over an unconventional, jazz-inspired instrumental. Goldlink takes to the slinking bassline with a scattered double-time flow, while slightly dissonant guitars conjure a bizarre yet effective tonality. Andre comes through with a closing verse, somehow blending a gentleman's romantic sensibilities with a pornographer's insatiable lust. "How many licks would it require until my lips are getting tired," he ponders, a question for the philosophers.

Check out the song here, should you be interested. Though it feels somewhundevelopedped from a structural perspective, it's always nice to hear Three Stacks back in the fold. Luckily, it won't be long before we get a legitimized return of the "G," in the form of "Spitter Andre." Thoughts on "Love 3rd?"