The Golden State Warriors' backs are against the wall and we'll find out how well they can handle the pressure in tonight's "win or go home" Game 5 at Oracle Arena. 

Some of their fans, it turns out, aren't doing so well in the face of adversity. 

According to USA Today's Sam Amick, a Warriors fan in Oklahoma City recently tried to fight Charles Barkley because The Chuckster picked the Thunder to win the series.

Remember, Charles Barkley is 6'5 and one donut shy of 330 lbs.

"There was pressure building on Saturday night at a hotel bar not far from the Thunder’s home, where a wayward Warriors fan was so enraged that TNT analyst Charles Barkley picked the Thunder to win the series that he challenged him to an actual fight (security was called, and the man was removed)."

So don't be surprised if Charles is overly critical of GSW in tonight's pre-game show, you know how he likes to take his jabs when he has a fanbase on the ropes. Just ask the "big girls" in San Antonio.