Video game modifications – or mods – have yielded incredible results since we learned how to code. While some skilled programmers use their powers to enhance games, having the community champion it, others like to put humorous spins on the source material. This mod classifies as both. JulioNIB, the team that brought the likes of The Hulk and Iron Man to Grand Theft Auto V, now presents Dragon Ball's Goku to the game.

Importing the mod's script, and finding a model to use in-game, allows players to wield the powers of the Saiyan. A 7-minute clip posted to YouTube shows off the capabilities of the new character. Goku is capable of super-speed, flight, and "Instant Transmission"; Goku's teleportation ability. Goku is also seen going Super Saiyan, combating the feds, and hurling a cop through the air. If you want to take a more destructive path in GTA, Goku is capable of shooting energy blasts, the Kamehameha, and the Spirit Bomb.

Video game fans will be excited to learn that they can be playing as Goku when they're not playing the popular fighting game, Dragon Ball FighterZ. If fighting other Saiyans across Los Santos isn't enough, they can also keep up with the final moments of Dragon Ball Super and the "Tournament of Power."