GLOVO; it certainly has a nice ring to it, but is it the makings of a new bond between Drake and Chief Keef? Sosa just yesterday posted a photo to Instagram with a logo for the mysterious acronym, captioning the pic with "Thou Not Ready".

While Keef could just be up to his naturally zany ways, further investigation reveals a lot of joking back and forth between Keef and Drizzy, which makes us think there could actually be something on its way. A good 4 months back, Drake's resident tastemaker, Oliver Khetib Instagrammed a clip of Keef's "Fool Ya" with the caption "GLOVO", and since then there's been back-and-forth acknowledgement between the two crews, with one post confirming that Keef has Drizzy's number.

Who knows if anything will come of it, but hopefully we'll hear Drake and Sosa on the same record, and hey, if Keef made his way onto Yeezus, anything is possible.

Check out the posts below.

[via KTT]