It has been a tough couple of months for all of us and even more so in the past couple of days. The number of confirmed coronavirus cases has shot up, and now a plethora of stars we adore have been quarantined, making things that much more real. We've all been on high alert, minimizing socialization, practicing (every day) hygiene, and looking out for each other by postponing EVERYTHING. 

Still, through all of this, we feel that its important to remain calm and not let fear consume our lives. Thankfully, we're not the only ones who feel that way. There is always comfort in the transfer of good energy. Gloria Gaynor, the legend, took to Tik Tok recently to bring some light to this dark time. 

In a hilarious hand-washing PSA, Gaynor sings her mega-hit "I Will Survive" while vigorously soaping and lathering her hands in front of her bathroom sink. Her, "It only takes 20 seconds to SURVIVE," caption may be misinformed or overly optimistic, but the sentiments are still greatly appreciated. 

Ensuring we are as hygienic as possible is at the forefront of public safety right now, and if you can't get your hands to a sink for a soapy disinfection, try to keep the hand sanitizer on deck