Ginuwine still gives people born prior to 1984 plenty to flutter over. But exceptions do apply, especially with the rest of Internet dwelling close behind. Just yesterday, Ginuwine premiered his caked-on beard to the Instagram masses, unbeknownst to the ripple effect it would engender across all the platforms. The original post lies intact, with Ginuwine celebrating 21 years of R&B servitude with a memento to himself and his followers: "We getting there ok," he opined, before opening up the floodgates to online harassment.

Twitter users ignored his milestone moment, focusing instead on his ethereal beard; one user, in particular, compared his facial hair to a memory foam bath mat. The punnier commenters were most concerned with drawing irony out of his name: Ginuwine=Genuine, and the presence of adhesives keeping his beard in place.

Other commenters barely recognized Ginuwine in his new "beard mask," conjuring up a theory that he and Joe Budden had morphed into one being. The photo does bear an uncanny resemblance to a hypothetical experiment where a mad scientist transmutates Budden and Ginuwine into a Frankenstein-like character with blended traits. Ginuwine has since deleted his beard from existence, with no bearing on the present discussion taking place in Twitterverse and beyond.