Is his beard real or was it drawn on? That was a legitimate question that people were asking recently about Ginuwine. The artist started to buzz a few days ago when a photo showed him with a beard that was tapered to oblivion. The shot was uploaded to his social media accounts where commenters went wild. They wondered just how much time the singer spent in front of his bathroom mirror perfecting the illusion. As one would expect, Ginuwine isn't letting the haters blindly critique him and his facial hair as he's taken a stand against the haters, uploading a new photo where it definitely looks more real.

People will probably still ask if he's gotten a sewn-in weave for his beard. Rick Ross has been accused of the same thing. However, the "Pony" artist doesn't seem too interested in keeping the debate going for much longer. He wrote, "Lol since y’all talking I might as well keep you talking Lololol you know I’m defiant I go there so fuck the haters NOW WHAT!!!!! Don’t get it twisted." Of course, his hashtags were a little extra with the inclusions of "#maybethiswillstopyoufromhatinglol" and "#beardgang."

If it is real, he definitely takes good care of it. Maybe he's using Rozay's beard oil line.