Gillie Da Kid and Wallo have been holding it down with Million Dollaz Worth Of Game, easily one of the most entertaining hip-hop podcasts right now. And sometimes, it can even be educational, as it was following the appearance of DJ Drama. As it happens, Gillie and Drama were originally supposed to do a Gangsta Grillz tape, only to have it completely derailed by a series of unfortunate events -- events that may or may not have been influenced by Lil Wayne.  

In the early moments of the podcast, the conversation shifts to Lil Wayne and Gillie Da Kid's early millennium feud, which found Gillie going at his former Cash Money affiliate on Wayne's own "Cannon" instrumental. Gillie explains how at the time, Drama had reached out to do a Gangsta Grillz mixtape with him, an offer that Da Kid was eager to accept. Upon sending him the music, however, a slight issue occurred. 

 Gillie Da Kid

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"I said 'Drama, Wayne just put out some shit dissing me,' and I'm about to drop this bomb on him,'" explains Gillie. "I didn't send that to Drama, cause I don't want to put you in the middle of that cause I know you and Wayne are all good. Drama said what every DJ is supposed to say: 'nah man, I don't care about that shit. I'm a DJ, I ain't got nothing to do with it. Put that shit out, we can put that on the tape.'" Drama chuckles: "it was the worst thing I could have said."

Gillie continues his tale. As Drama proceeded to head overseas with T.I, Gillie seized momentum and unleashed his Weezy response, the "Cannon" freestyle. "I put that shit out, and by the time Drama comes back, I done been on every fuckin' radio station." Drama jumps in to offer a counterpoint. "Do you remember what beat it was on?" he asks Wallo. "That's one thing we didn't discuss. He's factual on everything he's saying, but he went off the 'Cannon' beat. The classic, hottest record on Dedication 2. Gil takes the 'Cannon' beat, and goes crazy on that shit." 

LISTEN: Gillie Da Kid - Cannon 

It was then that Drama knew he messed up. "This shit sounds like I'm really co-signing it," he muses, prompting a laugh from Gillie. A hilarious moment ensues as Wallo queues up Gillie's "Cannon" and adds his own "Gangsta Grillz" tags. Gillie takes it back to the tale at hand, recalling how everything changed after Drama came back from overseas. "I got that call," explains Gillie. "He said 'we gon' put Gangsta Grillz out, but we just gonna put a little halt on that muthafucka."

"I talked to Tunechi," explains Drama. "It was right after Dedication 2 arguably one of the biggest mixtapes ever. So mind you, he's on fuckin' fire. I'm on another level with the tapes, and beyond that, it was the two of us going in. I did say that to Gillie, I ain't gon' deny that...I don't remember if I brought it up to Wayne, but I told him I'm about to do a tape with Gill. This happened, but we just doing a tape with other shit. He said 'you can do what you want, but me and you will never do a tape again.'" 

"I'm on Dedication 7 right about now," laughs Drama. Check out the hilarious and interesting bit of hip-hop history below, courtesy of Gillie Da Kid and Wallo's Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast.