Yes, all lives do matter. However, that's not the point. Right now, Black lives are at risk and, by claiming that All Lives Matter, you're contributing to a massive problem in America. When somebody says that Black Lives Matter, they're not saying that other lives are any less valuable. They're just urging the rest of us to start treating Black lives as we would white lives and anybody of another race or ethnicity. 

That's why Gillie Da Kid's recent statements have pissed off a bunch of people.

The rapper/media personality went on the record as saying that All Lives Matter in response to the current surge in BLM support.

Gillie Da Kid All Lives Matter
Scott Gries/Getty Images

"I keep getting the same question: Gillie, you always giving up game. Why you ain't give no game on Black Lives Matter? Because I don't get to that shit, n***a. All lives matter, n***a," said Gillie in a new video. "I don't give a fuck if you white, Black, blue, purple, Brown, tangerine... n***a, all lives matter."

He went on to speak about Black-on-Black violence, claiming that his life "didn't matter" when another Black man tried to "execute" him. 

Gillie's comments are problematic, to say the least. The entire point of Black Lives Matter is to get it straight in everybody's head that all lives do indeed matter. Black lives have been treated as inferior to others for decades and decades. It's time to change that.

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