As hip hop awaits T.I.'s official response to Kodak Black's disrespectful "Expeditiously" track, there are others who aren't taking their time to address the Florida rapper. The King of the South wasn't Kodak's only target on the record, as Gillie Da Kid was also mentioned. "N*gga waitin' on for me to fall off just like that boy Gillie / Said they ride for me 'til the wheel fall off, I be like, ‘Oh really?’ / How you tell me what came out my mouth, you don't even know Nipsey?

In a video clip he shared on Instagram of his Million Dollars Worth of Game podcast, Gillie said he wasn't fazed by Kodak's lyrics. However, he got a little heated when talking about the possibility of his 19-year-old son squaring up with the rapper. "If you f*ck up, then you acknowledge that you f*cked up. The hardest thing in life to do is to say playas f*ck up, too. Accept responsibility. N*ggas hate to accept responsibility, but we gon' hold you accountable for it."

"R.I.P. to Nipsey, but to that n*gga Kodak Black, smarten up man," Gillie continued. "You disrespecting me on a song. That sh*t don't mean nothing to me because the bottom line is, I got a 19-year-old son that if I put you and him in a room together, he'll be the dog sh*t out you. And that's on everything I love. He would beat the dog sh*t out you. I don't wanna hear, 'Yeah he grew up boxing.' If I put you and my youngest son in a room together, 'mano y mano,' he would beat diarrhea sh*t down your leg."