This week's No. 1 spot was dusted off in preparation for DJ Khaled to sit pretty at the top. The megaproducer called together some of the hottest artists in Pop, R&B, and Hip Hop in order to deliver a star-studded project slated for high streaming numbers. Since its release, Khaled Khaled music videos have taken over the internet, and one of the most talked-about collaborations came from former foes Jay-Z and Nas uniting on "Sorry Not Sorry" with James Fauntleroy and Harmonies by the Hive.

While the song has been praised near and far, Gillie Da Kid isn't a fan of Hov's bars on the track. Wallo27 recently shared a video of Gillie behind the wheel as the pair engage in a playful fight about new rappers versus the old heads. Wallo267 quipped that Gillie listened to back-to-back Lil Durk records.

"I don't listen to them old n*ggas. I don't listen to those dinosaurs no more," Gillie joked in the clip. Wallo267 told him he didn't know anything about music. "Oh, you want me to throw Jay on talkin' about a 'B and then another B and then a double B.'" Wallo began to laugh. Gillie continued, "'Can't forget about the other B.' That sh*t was corny! That sh*t was corny as sh*t."

"Don't give a f*ck what none of these n*ggas say. I ain't throwin' that sh*t on," Gillie added before once again mocking Jay-Z's "Sorry Not Sorry" delivery. Check out the post below along with the music video for DJ Khaled's "Sorry Not Sorry" featuring Jay-Z, Nas, James Fauntleroy, and Harmonies by the Hive.

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