Nick Young and Iggy Azalea's relationship came to a crashing halt thanks to a video posted on Snapchat by his teammate D'Angelo Russell. Gilbert Arenas seems to think it's only right that the rest of their private relationship also plays out on social media as well. 

Swaggy P's former teammate, and apparent "friend," Arenas hasn't been shy about putting his buddy on blast via social media- with the latest being this Snapchat video of Young reportedly talking to Iggy on the phone. 

You can't hear what the two are talking about in the quick clip, because who really cares, but you can clearly hear Gilbert's dumbass yelling, "What you and Iggy talking about? C’mon, n*gga! We got sh*t to do! We got b*tches to f*ck! We got h*es to get!"

With friends like these...