We haven’t heard from from NBA player Gilbert Arenas in a while, which is unfortunate because he’s a pretty entertaining guy (if a bit of a dick). Now we have a story (that unfortunately doesn’t involve his Snapchat) that he is suing his babies’ mother Laura Govan and her lawyer Maya Shulman for defamation after Shulman wrote in a December blog post about Arenas giving Govan an STD.

This isn’t the first time those accusations have been circulated. Last fall the former Washington Wizards guard won a similar lawsuit for $110k after Govan made the very same statement herself about Gilbert giving her an STD. Govan’s attorney Shulman issued a retraction in the comments section of her December post, admitting there is no proof to the claims. It’s unclear why her lawyer would repeat the exact same mistake twice after it cost Govan six figures once. So much for learning from your mistakes.

If Govan’s name sounds familiar, that’s because her sister Gloria Govan was the woman at the center of the Matt Barnes-Derek Fisher almost-fight that was eventually immortalized in the Kanye West track “30 Hours.” Drama must run in the family.

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