Gilbert Arenas, former NBA star, made insensitive and racist comments about Lupita Nyong'o several years ago and he is now apologizing for them.

Back in 2017, the baller said that the Black Panther star, who is of Kenyan-Mexican heritage, is "cute when the lights are off." His rant was about dark-skinned women. 

Although a lot of time has passed, he took the opportunity to apologize to Nyong'o and anybody he may have offended with his comments, attempting to right his wrongs on Instagram.

Gilbert Arenas Lupita Nyong'o
Craig Barritt/Getty Images

"We can't come together as a race until the idiots of the race (rights there wrongs)," wrote the basketball star. His post included a picture of the 37-year-old actress. 

"My name is Gilbert and I was an IDIOT for attacking one of our queens for no reason," added Arenas. "@lupitanyongo I'm truly sorry for my coon behavior."

Despite his apology, people are still calling Gilbert a clown for his comments. They point out that his children are dark-skinned and there was no place for him to make such a comment. Even though it happened years ago, people have not forgotten.

Do you accept his apology or should he be held accountable for what was said about Lupita?