The New York Giants confused everybody, particularly Joe Budden when they announced their sixth overall pick on Thursday night. Instead of picking a proven quarterback like Dwayne Haskins, the Giants decided to be the Giants and picked Daniel Jones from Duke. Fans were upset about the pick and justifiably so. Jones could always turn out to be a legendary player but based on the scouting reports, that's not exactly in the cards right now.

Regardless, the Giants seem pretty stoked about their pick, with General Manager Dave Gettleman likening their situation to that of the Green Bay Packers when they had both Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers.

“Maybe we’re going to be the Green Bay model where [Aaron] Rodgers sat for three years,” Gettleman said perthe New York Post. “Who knows? It’s one of those deals where it doesn’t make a difference what position it is. You can never have too many good players at one position.”

Despite all the chatter around Jones and whether or not he's a good quarterback, Gettleman seems pretty confident that they got the best player possible.

“It’s a wonderful thing when need and value match,” Gettleman said. “We’re thrilled to get Daniel. He was up there with everybody else on our board in terms of value. He is just perfect for us. We really believe in this kid. We really believe he’s gonna be a nice—not a nice—a real quality quarterback for us, for our franchise.”

What are your feelings on the Giants controversial draft choice?