The New York Giants shocked the football world last week when they traded their superstar wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for safety Jabrill Peppers as well as a first and third-round draft pick. Giants fans were clearly angered by the trade while Browns fans now believe they have the best offense in the NFL. 

On Monday, Giants GM Dave Gettleman took the opportunity to address both the fans and the media in a conference call. That's where Gettleman shed some light on the trade and how it was the Browns that started the negotiation process.

"Talks were initiated by the Browns. John [Dorsey] knew we weren't just going to give Odell away...there was considerable back and forth," Gettleman via the team's Twitter account. "We didn't sign Odell to trade him, but things change. Another team made an offer we couldn't refuse."

The Giants GM also addressed those criticizing the trade, saying fans should wait a while before making any judgments.

"I completely understand why people would debate the merits of this deal," Gettleman added. "This trade really won't be able to be fully evaluated until we get further down the road. We did not enter this decision to trade Odell lightly. We have positions to address. Our plan is to address those positions, plain and simple. We'll do that through whatever means necessary."

Last season, the Giants finished with a record of 5-11 and finished last in the NFC East.