Giannis Antetokounmpo might be one of the best players in the NBA, with two-straight MVP awards, although it is his brother Kostas who has now one the league's highest honor. Of course, we are talking about an NBA championship. While sure, Kostas never actually suited up for the Lakers during their time in the bubble, although he was with the team as part of their roster. When the Lakers defeated the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, Kostas etched his name into the history books, as he will now be getting his very own title ring.

Since coming home to his family, Giannis has been incredibly supportive of his brother and has showered him with jokes about being a champion. In Giannis' latest social media antics, he can be seen on vacation with his brother, where they give each other a hard time about one another's success. At one point, Giannis is incredulous with Kostas' behavior and declares "He don’t even see us anymore, bro. This guy act differently.”

While Giannis is presenting this as funny, we're sure deep down he would have preferred to be on the other side of winning a title. After all, Giannis a superstar, and many pundits expected him to go all the way with the Milwaukee Bucks this year. 

Moving forward, the Greek Freak will have some big decisions to make in regards to his future in Milwaukee, and winning the title will be the biggest motivator in whatever he decides.