Giannis Antetokounmpo has had the pleasure of playing alongside his brother Thanasis on the Milwaukee Bucks. While Thanasis doesn't get very much playing time, there is no denying their chemistry on and off the court. Prior to the quarantine, Thanasis and Giannis filmed a segment for the Bucks Twitter account, that was posted today. In the video, both players try to see how well they know with a series of questions. For instance, one brother pulls a card and poses a question of the other. Both players then have to write their answers and see if they match up.

In the clip below, Giannis is asked what his rapper name would be. Thanasis guesses that he would call himself Lil G although Giannis quickly jokes that he would actually rather go by "Sexy Chocolate." Thanasis seemed pretty amused with the answer especially considering everyone knows Giannis would never actually call himself that.

The idea of Giannis as a rapper is pretty amusing although if his MC skills are anything like his guitar-playing abilities, he is in for a bumpy ride. As for his basketball talents, the quarantine has us missing them. Hopefully, this whole thing goes away sooner than later and we can all go back to the regularly scheduled programming.