Action Bronson has been getting comparisons to Ghostface Killah since the beginning of his career, but just as the critique seemed to fade away, it's been reignited by Ghostface himself. Earlier this year, Ghost admitted that he'd heard a Bronson song, and actually thought it was one of his own verses. 

It was brought up once again on Bronson's appearance on SportsNation, where he suggested Ghost wasn't come as hard as him at this point in his career, “He’s not rapping like this no more,” he said, "just being honest."

It seems that Ghostface has lost his temper with Bronson following the incident, as he's released a new video in which he very straight-forwardly expresses his issues with the rapper.

“First of all you little fat fuck, who gives you the right to even mention my name out your motherfucking mouth,” he said, as a smooth Teddy Pendergrass record played in the background. “Boy you done made a mistake boy. You done fucked up. Because listen man, you could never fuck with my pen, my n---a. My sword, my blade, whatever you want to call it, I’m too nasty for you. This is why the fuck you look up to me, and sound like me.”

Ghost reveals that he spoke to Bronson shortly after his SportNation appearance, urging him to make things right. Action then shared a few tweets on the subject, but subsequently deleted them, which is what set Ghost off.

"I gave you a grace period," he said, before suggesting Bronson doesn't have a classic like Supreme Clientele to fall back on. There's also something about setting his beard on fire, but you'll have to see it to believe it. Watch the clip below.

Update:Action Bronson has apologized for the comments, writing on Twitter, "When you're wrong, you're wrong". View his tweet below.