Over 15 years after the album’s release, Ghostface Killah is facing a lawsuit from Marvel for the use of his “Ironman” name and sample.  The Wu spitta thinks the lawsuit is “wack” and does not understand why after all this time they are coming after him, and asking for an exorbitant $20 million.  He is not getting too upset however, and realizes it’s just part of the game in hip hop. 

Promoting his new Wu-Block LP with Sheek Louch, Ghost stopped by MTV and addressed the lawsuit which he says confuses him and he doesn’t know why he is being sued and not the label that released the record.  “"That's super wack [because] that goes back to Supreme Clientele,” the NY native adds, “I don't know what's going on with Marvel, but they just tryna come at the kid, asking for 20 million.”

Ghostface says he thinks it’s some elder higher-up at Marvel that has decided to file the lawsuit almost two decades after the record’s release.  "I think it's an old man. I think they woke this dude up or something. He ain't Stan Lee or anything but I guess he's somebody because he ain't stopping,” the Fiscscale rapper explains his confusion, but says he is not surprised at people looking to get money, “It's like, [why] you coming to me? Go to SONY man, don't come at me. But that's what it is this, this is the game, man. Everybody out for they bread, whatever they could see, they tryna get it."