Ghislaine Maxwell is currently facing federal sex trafficking charges for her alleged role in helping Jeffrey Epstein recruit young girls around the world to sexually abuse. Last year, Maxwell pled not guilty to charges of sex trafficking and during her case, it was revealed that she allegedly admitted that Epstein had secret tapes of Donald Trump and Bill Clinton laying around. As more and more charges keep being added to her case, the first photo of Maxwell from behind bars has surfaced online, showing the disgraced British socialite with a black eye.

The first picture of Maxwell shows the 59-year-old woman with a bruise under her eye and a wrinkled face. It was included in a letter filed by her attorney Bobbi Sternheim, claiming that the injury has caused a rift between Maxwell and the jails at her jailhouse in Brooklyn. "Last night, she was confronted by MDC staff due a visible bruise over her left eye," wrote her attorney. 

Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images

Maxwell reportedly was experiencing eye pain but, because she doesn't have a mirror, she did not see her black eye. Apparently, none of the guards addressed it and left Maxwell to find the injury by noticing it in the glimmer of a nail clipper. Guards then reportedly pressed Maxwell to reveal how she got the bruise, threatening to throw her in solitary if she didn't cooperate. Generally, inmates will be transferred to the Special Housing Unit (SHU) if they get injured in GP. Maxwell's attorney believes that she got the mark on her face because she's forced to sleep with a sock over her eyes as a guard shines a light in her cell every fifteen minutes.

"Last night, she was confronted by MDC staff due to a visible bruise over her left eye," said her attorney. "She may have been in that stage of half sleep while being tortured with shining lights. Please keep in mind that it’s been 10 months of bad sleep, inedible food, and undrinkable water in solitary confinement. For absolutely no reason. How would you look?"

Take a look at the picture below.