DJ Khaled's next album is called Grateful, and the Snapchat mogul certainly seems to feel that way about his life at the moment. His latest single "Shining" features Jay Z and Beyoncé, a massive event in the scheme of popular music, and it actually caused Khaled to shed tears about his own fortunate circumstances.

Here's an excerpt of what DJ Khaled had to say about having Beyoncé and Hov on his track together:

“This is what they call dream team ... Beyoncé don’t do no features. I haven’t heard one in a long time, so I’m very grateful. Jay Z, he don’t really do features either, you know what I’m saying. And every time we work we always win. To get the king and the queen together on one record, that was like, I cried, I ain’t gonna lie to you.”

Check out the clip of DJ Khaled's interview below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Did "Shining" reach your expectations as a song?