It's Monday morning, and you're reading this. Clearly you need to get off your ass and get money. We empathize. We're here to help.

After a killer weekend, it can be tough to gear up for the big week ahead, which is why we've compiled a list of songs that will help motivate you to get paid. Luckily for us, 'getting the money' is a very common topic in rap music. Unfortunately, that means it was really hard to narrow down the list of 100+ songs that qualify. Selections from legends like Rakim and new comers like D.R.A.M. help to keep the list varied both in styles and eras. 

So we'll give you a pass as you click through these ten 'get money' anthems, but after that you need to, in the words of Outkast, "get up, get out, and get some!"