An online group of journalists, scholars and historians have crown Jordan Peele's Get Out as the best film of 2017.

The group is called the Online Film Critics Society and they are straying away from large award shows that many accuse of holding a number of biases.

"The organization is a volunteer group run by its membership," the site reads. "The mission of the society is to further the growth of an informed film audience, to promote awareness of the Internet as a source of news and commentary, to provide a forum for the OFCS members to communicate and discuss ideas about journalism and cinema, and to encourage a high standard of journalism across the online media."

Check out this year's full list of winners

Jordan's hit film is a mystery/thriller that follows a white woman who brings her black boyfriend home to meet her parents. After some awkward encounters and happenings, the weekend ends up being a whole sort of things that no one would ever expect. 

The Golen Globes got some heat a while back for nominating the film as a "comedy" but things seemed to cool off after fans realized a movie is placed in the category that it gets submitted as. 

Jordan seems to be enjoying all these ideas of what his film really is, as he recently replied to a Twitter user who suggested Get Out is a Christmas film. He replied to the user saying: