Rappers are generally hit-or-miss in the concert setting. Some MCs can really rock a crowd while others are notorious for being sloppy, tardy, or brief with their shows. If you've been to a solid handful of rap shows, you've definitely been kept waiting around for an obnoxious amount of time waiting for an MC to show up, only to have him phone in a handful of songs and split. We know we have.

But the rappers that put on a spectacular show really make up for it. If you've ever seen Jay Z or Kendrick Lamar have an entire festival going wild, or The Roots cover everything from the Beasie Boys' "Paul Revere" to Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song," then you may agree. With a solid month+ left of festival season, and fall tours getting announced left and right, we've outlined a handful of artists that we think are killer in concert. There's also live videos of each act so you can see what they bring to the table.