Boxer Gervonta Davis ruffled some feathers on Wednesday when he shared a text image on his Instagram Story. The 24-year-old champ shared that women need to stop saying that they desire a man like Nipsey Hussle if they're going to post images of themselves wearing barely any clothing on social media. "Lauren London got 1300 pics not one showing her ass and t*ts," he wrote. "But you females want a NIP. Yeah ok." He then used emojis to write out "No Cap" along with the word "Stooopid."

When The Shade Room reposted the message, the comment section lit up. Model Jilly Anais wrote, "&You’re far from a Nip.. so who asked you." Another person said, "Translation: I ain’t no damn Nip & ain’t trying to be, but let me make you feel like less of a woman cause I’m not on that level." One woman said a lady's attire shouldn't dictate what type of man she ends up with. "You can be covered up from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, if a man don't want to act right he won't😂😂😂 y'all need to grow up with the comparisons. The only thing that will keep your significant other is them wanting to be kept, the only thing that will make them treat you right is them wanting to treat yourl right."

Others questioned how Davis could seemingly rag on women showing off their bodies on social media when they say his girlfriend, Ari Fletcher, has done exactly what he's condemning. "What is this man even saying?!?! He chose to date a woman that does just that," a woman commented. "It’s always guys who have girlfriends who do things like that who stay complaining. How about you start dating girls who don’t, then you wouldn’t have anything to worry about," said another.

Meanwhile, one follower was the voice of reason. "Lauren is mourning the love of her life. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t want to be dragged into these posts," she said. Do you think Davis has a point?