Boxing champ Gervonta Davis has faced fierce opponents in the ring, but his toe-to-toe legal battle with the mother of his child has been one of his toughest fights yet. If the 25-year-old isn't making headlines for his high-profile bouts, it's because he's entangled in drama with women in his life. His relationship with Ari Fletcher unraveled on social media along with his child support case with Andretta Smothers, or Dretta Starr, mother to Gervonta's daughter Gervanni.

Bossip reported that in a lawsuit, Andretta accused Gervonta of only giving her money to help with their daughter if she would engage in "seductive favors." The outlet previously stated that Andretta petitioned the court for $10K per month from the boxer, and on Monday the publication shared that Gervonta has agreed to her terms.

Andretta, who is a stay-at-home mother that hasn't been employed since the birth of her baby, retains primary custody their little girl and Gervonta "would parent 15 percent of the time." It's also reported that Gervonta has accepted financial responsibility for his daughter's daycare and tuition. However, the health care costs would be shared with Andretta as well as any extracurricular activities. Check out a few photos of Andretta and Gervanni below.