It was bound to happen one of these days. Working closely with $uicideboy$ over the last year, Germ has been somebody to look out for, dropping off enough heat to keep his name on people's minds. The two entities worked together on DIRTIERNASTIER$UICIDE and it's definitely looking as though their previous collaborations were not one-offs. Coming through with a major announcement today was G59 Records, the label that $uicideboy$, Ramirez, and a few others call home. G59 announced that after some speculation, Germ had officially "sold his soul" to the label, marking him the latest to join their growing roster.

Welcoming their newest signee to "hell," G59 is not exactly making Germ feel the most comfortable right off the bat but now that he's fully aboard, we don't think he'll mind spending some time in hell with the team. After working hard on the independent scene and building his name from scratch, it will be interesting to see how Germ moves forward with him being backed by the G59 team.

Perhaps now that they are labelmates, Germ can team up with $uicideboy$ to create DIRTIERNASTIEST$UICIDE, a sequel to their 2017 work. We'll have to wait and see how this impacts the young rapper's career as he attempts to gain further exposure. Congrats, Germ!