Christian McCaffrey is a bad dude. The guy pretty much leads all running backs in every major category this year, rushing TDs (12), total yards, and yards per game. And he does this all week in and week out, disregarding who the opponent’s defense is. They’re all vulnerable to his speed and power, and now the league is starting to recognize the greatness that is CMC. Yesterday, during their game against the New Orleans Saints, teammate and all-Pro lineman Gerald McCoy decided to give his RB some praise, calling Christian the most skilled white dude in NFL history.

“Thats a bad white boy. Most skilled white dude in NFL history… I said it. Hands down, I said it,” McCoy says in the clip on sideline. “That’s a bad white boy right here,” he concluded.

Of course in true online fashion, people took the statement out of context and turned into a race issue in the comments. One person wrote “imagine hearing a white boy say that’s a bad black boy right there,” while another added, “Racism. I love the double standards in America.”

Check out the clip for yourself (below) and let us know what you think! Is Gerald right?

This comes just a few week after Christian swooped in and stole Danny Amendola’s ex-girlfriend Olivia Culpo. It's safe to say life is pretty good for CMC at the moment.