With titles in both the welterweight and middleweight divisions, Canadian UFC fighter Georges St-Pierre is a legend. He's had a phenomenal career with a record 26-2. He has the second most all-time wins and has been a beacon of consistency throughout his tenure in the UFC. The 37-year-old held a press conference in his native Montreal today, where he announced that he is retiring from the sport, a decision that many fans have seen coming for a while now. 

"There are no tears, I'm very happy to do it," St-Pierre explained according to ESPN. "It takes a lot of discipline to retire on top. It was a long process in my mind, but it's time to do it. Only a few people have done it. I always said I wanted to retire on my own and not be told to retire. It takes discipline. In combat sports, that's when you should retire. You should retire on top. That is very hard to do. I'm happy I have the discipline and wisdom to do it."