Since George Zimmerman agreed to participate in a "Celebrity" boxing match, Game has come forward as a volunteer to fight him in the ring saying, and we quote, he's "beat the fuck out him." DMX also came forward, offering to "piss on him," but that is another story.

AllHipHop reports that Zimmerman told the promoter of the event, Damon Feldman, that Game is a "perfect match," saying:

"He is open to any challengers that make sense, but he is training hard and he said ‘Game is the perfect opponent.'"

While the event will take place in a secret location and will boast only about a hundred, highly selected, person guest list. Of course, you could have the opportunity to fight George Zimmerman too, if you email

Of course, the notorious, publicly denounced, Zimmerman has already agreed to the fight, so we will see what happens. If Game does fight Zimmerman, what odds do you give him?