George Floyd's daughter declared as she sat atop Stephen Jackson's shoulders at a recent protest: "Daddy changed the world!" She was right.

As protests continue on and force world leaders to consider re-structuring the way systems have been destroying certain communities, a donation-based effort for the family of George Floyd has broken records as the campaign that has officially earned the most-ever donations in GoFundMe history.

Launched just over a week ago, the Official George Floyd Memorial Fund has earned the most donations on a single GoFundMe campaign ever, so says a spokesperson for the website.

Over 500,000 people have contributed to the fund with monetary donations, also leaving kind messages in the comments. People from over 125 countries have joined the cause and, in total, $13 million has been raised so far.

Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

According to Floyd's sister Philonise, the money raised will be used to cover funeral and burial expenses, counseling, lodging and travel for court proceedings, and his family as they seek justice for his murder. Some of the money will also be put aside for George's kids to provide for their education.

Not so shockingly, the second place on GoFundMe's list of the most-donated-to campaigns is one to have a wall built at America's southern border. That has raised over $25 million with over 300,000 donations.

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