George Clooney was riding a scooter, enjoying his day, on the roads of Sardinia on Tuesday. The gorgeous Italian island sits almost halfway between Spain and the boot-shaped country, and is a great place for a getaway. Unfortunately, Clooney was involved in an accident that may cut his sightseeing plans down a bit. Clooney was cut off by a Mercedes-Benz sedan, and was hurled from his bike and then rushed to the hospital. He received an MRI at Sardinia's John Paul II Hospital, and was allowed to leave after it was discerned he only suffered minor injuries. Clooney left with injuries to his arm, leg, and pelvis. 

Footage of the accident has been unearthed by TMZand it shows the Mercedes-Benz halting for another scooter right before Clooney hits the vehicle. The first scooter nearly avoids being hit, but Clooney wasn't so lucky.  The 57-year-old actor was launched several feet in the air and comes crashing down near a van. He was traveling at 60 MPH when he was hit. Although it is not seen in the video, the driver called authorities for help after the crash. There have been no reports of Clooney suing, and he is currently at home recovering.