The road has always been more dangerous for bike riders. George Clooney is nearly 60 years old, but he must be built like a soldier. The prestigious actor, director, and producer was taking a ride on his scooter in Italy on Tuesday when he was cut off and thrust from his bike. According to TMZClooney was winding through traffic on the Italian island of Sardinia when a Mercedes-Benz sedan cut him off. Clooney was hurled off the scooter into the road, and the Mercedes-Benz driver immediately rushed to his side and called for help. 

According toLa Nuova, an ambulance arrived and carted the injured Clooney to Sardinia's John Paul II Hospital. He received an MRI, and reports claim Clooney suffered injuries to his arm, leg, and pelvis. He was released and is most likely recovering like a boss somewhere on the Italian island. His wife, Amal, rushed to her husband's side at the hospital, and left with the superstar after his injuries were deemed minor. The Mercedes-Benz driver, who authorities say was completely at fault, should be counting his or her blessings. If Clooney would have been seriously injured, the driver would have become public enemy number one.