Sad news hit the world of boxing yesterday when it was revealed that boxer Maxim Dadashev passed away due to injuries sustained in the ring. On Friday night, Dadashev was in a match against Subriel Matias and was taking a plethora of punches. Dadashev was clearly struggling and eventually, his trainer threw in the towel. Unfortunately, Dadashev had bled to the brain and needed surgery. He eventually succumbed to his injuries which was devastating news for the boxing community.


"Early Saturday morning, neurosurgeon Mary IH Cobb told Dadashev's manager, Egis Klimas, and Donatas Janusevicius (Dadashev's strength and conditioning coach) that the boxer had suffered a brain bleed on his right side, that his head was shaved and his scalp opened up, and that he was showing signs of severe brain damage. He had been given medication to decrease swelling."

TMZ recently caught up with boxer Gennady Golovkin and asked him about the news. As you would expect, Golovkin was pretty devasted by the news and seemed to be emotional about it all. The fighter is clearly upset that such a thing could occur and explained that it's a bad look for the sport.

"It's very bad for the sport of boxing," he said. Golovkin was asked about how the sport could become safe although he's not too sure what can be done. As he stated, once a fighter dies, it's too late to bring them back.