Gayle King has found herself in a bit of a controversy thanks to her recent interview with Lisa Leslie. At one point in the interview, King asks Leslie about Kobe's legacy and whether or not it's been made complicated by his rape case from 2003. Leslie seemed surprised by the questions and immediately began defending Bryant. Many have come out in support of Leslie and have even condemned King for asking disrespectful questions.

Yesterday, King took to Twitter where she apologized and said the clip was taken out of context. In fact, King is blaming CBS for dropping the clip which never should have aired on its own. According to TMZ, King's coworkers are now defending her and are livid with CBS for their decision-making. They say the interview was actually quite complimentary of Kobe and was an honest look at some of his greatest accomplishments. 

For now, it seems like King won't be in anyone's good graces anytime soon. Social media has been very critical of her over the past few days and despite her best attempts at apologizing, very few are moving towards her side. Only time will tell whether or not she will be able to fix her image. Meanwhile, CBS has yet to comment on the controversy.