Popeyes has seemingly become the most talked-about fast-food chain due to the popularity of its beloved chicken sandwich. Unfortunately, the fried chicken chain sold out of the menu offering, breaking the hearts of customers globally, leading one man to sue Popeyes for "false advertising." The latest update on disappointed customers has to do with Oprah's BFF Gayle King who really hit up 15 locations to try and get her hands on the sandwich.

The 64-year-old shared an image on Instagram that sees her and her nephews reaction at the start of their chicken run but the second image shows an image of a sign detailing the sell-out of the sandwich. "We are SO psyched today nephew @cameronharrison6 ready to taste THEEE CHICKEN sandwich @popeyeslouisianakitchen swipe left for our reax ... whomp whomp .... ..we also called FIFTEEN locations how do you run out of that sandwich on SUNDAY???!!!! May need therapy to recover," Gayle captioned the image. 

We can confirm that the CBS This Morning host finally got the sandwich she'd been looking for. 

Future recently shared his Popeyes story and how he tricked his girl by putting a regular chicken sandwich in an old Popeyes bag. "Pulled up on bae with a chicken sandwich frm a hood spot and put it in a Popeyes bag I had n the car frm a week ago, she love me more now," he wrote. "Perception is everything."