At the beginning of March, R. Kelly sat down across from Gayle King, where he attempted to offer up his side of the story. What followed was an explosive, infamous, and darkly memeable breakdown from the disgraced singer. "I'm fightin' for my life!" cried an impassioned Kelly. "Ya'll are killing me with this!" It didn't take long for the clip to go viral, and all throughout, King composed herself with dignity in the face of an unraveling man. Today, following Kelly's recent arrest on federal sex crime charges, King spoke with ET about her interview with the once-beloved singer.

"The indictments are not a surprise to me," she explains. "We’ve been hearing that they are coming for quite some time. He always, always, always insists that he’s innocent of all the charges. But now these are very serious charges coming from federal officials. I think that it’s a brand new ballgame. So we will see what happens.”

Maintaining that she has remained in contact with Kelly's team, King also claims that they're confident in his defense. “I’ve talked to R. Kelly’s representative since he was arrested and they are still very convinced that he will be fine and that he will be proven innocent once again," she reveals. "They told me they’re very confident about that. So we shall see.” Indeed we shall. For more from King, be sure to check out the full article via ET, right here.