Gayle King has accepted Snoop Dogg's olive branch after his aggressive rant over her coverage of Kobe Bryant's death. The CBS anchor has been facing backlash after asking Lisa Leslie about Kobe's sexual abuse case in relation to his legacy. Snoop Dogg quickly came to the defense of his friend but later posted an apology on Instagram, stating that "when you’re wrong, you gotta fix it.”

gayle king snoop dogg apology
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

"I accept the apology and understand the raw emotions caused by this tragic loss," Gayle King said in a statement to the Associated Press in response to Snoop Dogg's apology. "As a journalist, it is sometimes challenging to balance doing my job with the emotions and feelings during difficult times. I don’t always get it perfect but I’m constantly striving to do it with compassion and integrity.”

Snoop Dogg offered an official apology earlier this week following a conversation with his mother. "[I] should've handled it way different than that. I was raised better than that. So I would like to apologize to you publicly for the language that I used and calling you out of your name and just being disrespectful," he said before offering to have a private conversation with Gayle King over the matter. Snoop wasn't the only high-profile celebrity to take aim at Gayle but he's certainly one of the few who has apologized.