Stories about artists and their humble beginnings isn't something new, but if there is a person who was able to make something out of absolutely nothing, it's Gashi. The Roc Nation signee has become an artist to watch and on Friday, he released his self-titled sophomore studio album, Gashi

The Kosovo-born, Brooklyn-raised artist dropped by The Breakfast Club to promote his record and shared that although many of his fans are just getting to know him, he's been in the game for 10 years. Prior to becoming a major label artist, Gashi's revealed that his Albanian family were refugees and his parents traveled to 24 countries in an attempt to make their way to America. He's endured homelessness and selling CDs on street corners for a dollar and a dream, and he even shared that the day he inked his deal with Roc Nation, he went back to work as a janitor.

"I used to complain. I'd be like, 'Mom, I got a million views on YouTube and I'm a janitor. I do the garbage and they taking pictures of me like, how is he lit, he's the garbage man.'" He added, "You wanna know something crazy? I was signed to Jay-Z doing the garbage...So, when I officially signed while doing the garbage, my boy recorded me. He said, 'This is gonna be your last time.' I said, 'I'm signing officially on Monday.' He said, 'This is gonna be your last time doing the garbage.'...He was right. I signed and I did [the garbage] after I signed and [that was it]." Check out more about the "Safety" artist below.