Gary Owen is known for his roles in Think Like A Man, Ride Along, Meet The Blacks, The Little Man and more comedies that have a predominately Black cast but if he thought his acting resume gave him leeway to joke using the N-word, he was very wrong. Gary sent out a tweet seemingly in reference to Damian Lillard's recent basketball moves, writing “If Portland’s coach could say the N word that was the perfect time. This N word just hit that shit. WOW”

While he probably thought it was a joke, many of his followers and those on Twitter simply shook their head, commenting on his perceived Black card. "Holy shot this is a bad tweet," one user wrote, while another added, "This aint it bro."

Gary has yet to respond or even delete the tweet that has brought on lots of shade. In the meantime, check out some reactions below, where some users have commented on the fact that Gary's wife is a Black woman. "Y'all still acting like Blackness is sexually transmitted and giving Gary Owens a pass. Can't relate."