The Breakfast Club was in for a surprise this morning when an unexpected guest showed up for a retake of his interview. That's right, Tekashi 6ix9ine came back to the radio show to drop some more knowledge just days after his original interview. Except Envy, Charlamagne and Yee were not expecting another 6ix9ine appearance. After a few short moments, it became clear that scheduled guest Gary Owen had simply dressed the part, tattoos, rainbow-hair and all, in a flawless 6ix9ine imitation. While Tekashi is sure to be a favorite come Halloween season, the comedian appeared in full 69 garb for his interview, even going so far as to mimic his speech.

If you've ever watched a Tekashi interview, his speech patterns become stunningly clear after a short while. "Boom," "Ah ah" and "Blood" are his favorite ways to punctuate a sentence and he uses New York slang in true Brooklyn fashion. In a golden act of trolling, Owen took on 6ix9ine to address all of the rapper's controversies. On being concerned about his numerous beefs with other rappers, Owen simply responded "I'm vegan," after claiming his Blood affiliation has more to do with his literal blood type than his gang preference.

After Envy checked Gary Owen at around the 3-minute mark for dressing as 6ix9ine, the comedian continued answering the hosts' questions as himself while sometimes getting back into character as Tekashi. Watch the video below and be prepared to laugh.