The interview between Wendy Williams and Gary Owen didn't sit well with his estranged wife. For months, Owen and Kenya Duke have been engaged in a bitter divorce that has mostly played out on her Instagram page. For the first time, Owen spoke about his split from Kenya following their 17-year marriage. The couple has been together for 23 years and according to Owen, like many relationships, it just came to an end.

The comedian also added that he wanted to keep things private but Duke decided to take their personal lives to social media. She's accused him of infidelity, being a cheapskate, and also being a deadbeat dad, and following his interview, Duke returned to Instagram to hurl more accusations at her ex.

Gary Owen, Kenya Duke,
John Sciulli / Stringer / Getty Images

"I was shocked you spent most of your time talking about me, the divorce, son and daughter," wrote Duke. She told him that he should have spoken at length about his projects and club performances, adding that when questioned about the divorce, he should have shut Williams down. "Why didn't you?... because you want my attention and you knew someone would send it to me."

Duke continued to rant about his interview, what was asked, how he answered, and then she shared a story about a woman named Lisa. She also talked about him lying to one of his children about a canceled show and not inviting his kids to the Meet The Blacks 2 premiere. Apparently, Owen surprised this woman Lisa's daughter with the opportunity to meet Snoop Dogg at the premiere, and Duke was upset that he didn't do the same for his adult children.

"Did it cross your mind how that picture with you, her and Snoop would make them feel?" she questioned. "Do better!... The text relationship is a joke and not worth discussing." She suggested that Owen should have spent his time on The Wendy Williams Show boasting about his children, and she also went on about Claudia Jordan, a friend of Owen, insinuating that Jordan continues to speak about their divorce because Owen is feeding her information.

Soon, Duke was flooded with backlash as the public told her she shouldn't detail the behind-the-scenes of her relationship on social media. She later posted a PSA of sorts letting people know that she'll do what she likes with her space. Check it all out below.