Nine days into 2016, and we hadn't heard a peep about Stitches -- quite the contrary to last month, when he seemed to be catching Ls on the daily after getting knocked out by Game's manager, aka Wack 100. Well today we have some incredible news regarding the "Brick In Yo Face" rapper, as he's apparently under new management. His new manager, you ask? The same guy that knocked him out cold in his hometown of Miami at the beginning of December. 

The news comes from Wack 100 himself, who posted a screenshot he had taken from Stitches' Instagram to his own Instagram. In the caption, Wack wrote, "JUST GOT A CALL FROM A GROWN MAN ON SOME GROWN MAN SHIT ... @stitches UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT," suggesting he's now managing the rapper with whom his biggest client, The Game, has been beefing since early October. Wack's Instagram is private, but you can see the post here or in the above gallery. 

Stitches' Instagram is also private, and to the best of our knowledge, he hasn't yet spoken on any details regarding his new management situation. 

Last month, a few days after Stitches had challenged Game to a celebrity boxing match for charity, he admitted he was ready to stop beefing with the Compton rapper, saying, "Both of us are acting like children." If Wack is indeed Stitches' new manager, we assume the boxing match won't go down, though it will be interesting to see what happens between the two rappers now that they share a manager.